I am trading on a trend break

I am trading on a trend break. The most important question for intelligent trading is as follows: Do you think this break is real or not?.

Actually, there is no one can answer this, even AI. If there is one, the financial market will disappear.

Sir, I am talking about expectations in percentages. The higher the percentage of expectations, the better

Hi @MohammadSami could you please share an idea on how would you want to use AI to help you trade better?

What are the current challenges you face while trading and how would you like to use AI to resolve that?
what would be the top 5 to 10 questions you would ask if you had an AI assistant to help you trade?

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The most important challenge is lack of reassurance while making the decision to purchase or receive assistance.

The questions are as follows:
Can it be chosen according to the conditions of the trend?
Has the trend really been broken?
Are you waiting for other news to confirm or enter now?
How many buyers or sellers?
Is there any news?