Japanese candlesticks

I am interested in Japanese candlesticks, and I will use them to find out which are the most accurate and best in determining the market direction.

Hi @Mahmoud, could you please elaborate on your idea and how AI can be useful here?

Sir, I mean that I will use it to find out which of the Japanese candles is more accurate AND whether its signal is correct or not.

Does this mean, you will use AI to find the accuracy of the signal created by technical analysis using Japanese Candlesticks?

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Hi @Mahmoud If your AI assistant shows you the market sentiment on a symbol as shown below, what questions would you ask your AI Assistant so that you decide if you want to trade AUDJPY or not?


Note - This is just for research purposes.

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Exactly this is what I mean.

As long as it matches my analysis, a buy entry will be made.