How can i use an AI to my benefit

I would use it for data collection,real-time market data, including price movements, trading volumes, economic indicators and news sentiment

Hi @LiquidIce, could please elaborate on how would you like to use GPT or AI for data collection, real-time market data, including price movements, trading volumes, economic indicators, and news sentiment?

Are there any specific questions that you would like to ask GPT or would you want AI to do for you to help you to trade?


Also if I had it notify me about the next set of important data coming through and the time as well as market sentiment and the average daily range of individual instruments.

It can be used by Robots.

Could you please help me understand how AI can do this differently?
To elaborate, Many tools out in the market are already providing that information, and I would like to understand how AI can help you do that differently.

Hi which tools help you with breaking down the data as quickly as possible and giving you a summary of it? Let’s say if the headline of nfp comes in soft but the details comes in hot. So if an AI could go through all the details and give you a summary of all the data without you having to go through everything that would cut down your time and allow one to respond more quickly. I would also like to test out the AI once you have it running