Gpt summarizes time through tools that allow conducting market

Gpt summarizes time through tools that allow conducting market research operations on various types of assets and analyzing their results with unprecedented accuracy, speed and smoothness.
The importance of market research in ensuring increased profits from trading is no secret, but it is a long process that requires great effort and more time.

Hi @Hussein, there are a lot of tools that provide market research.

Could you please elaborate on what issues you face with the current tools in the market and how you would want AI/ GPT to help you with the market research?

Could you kindly please list 5 to 10 trading-related questions that you would want GPT to answer for you?

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AI/GPT, making market research faster, but with greater reliability and accuracy.
1-The latest research issued by the government of a country
2-What do experts think about the future of what value?
3-What do the experts expect in the motivational experience, will you raise it or not?
4- His expectation of the outcome of news that will be issued soon?
5- Expectations of central banks to raise interest rates?
6- The volume of trading in a transaction?
7- The most powerful countries economically?
8- What is the psychology of traders?

Hi @Hussein, thank you for your response.

Could you please elaborate on how answers to these questions will help you make trading decisions or trade better?

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It makes me able to go Buying or selling with more confidence

It is good, as I will know the number of people who want to buy or sell a currency. I will also predict the result of the news of the interest rate increase well, which will make me reap profits.

Hi @Hussein, if your AI Assistant tells you about the sentiment on the market as shown in the image below, what will be your next question to your AI Assistant?

What would you want to ask your AI assistant so that you can trade with confidence?


Of course I will enter the purchase process
To trade with confidence, the question will be whether there is news that will affect this technical analysis.