Best use of GPT/AI

i see that the best use is that it is an auxiliary factor for analysis next to manual analysis.
it help me collect the information I need from liquidity, volume of buying and selling.
and I take the decision.this my see

Hi @nady, could you please elaborate on your idea?
How can AI help you to trade better?

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This means that it helps to know the number of buyers and sellers, and what is the psychology of traders in terms of fear, greed, and so on…

@nady Could you list top 5 questions that you would like to ask GPT to help you trade better?

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1- Expectations of central banks to raise interest rates?
2- The most powerful countries economically?
3- What is the psychology of traders?
4- The volume of trading in a transaction?
5- His expectation of the outcome of news that will be issued soon?