I trade manually, but

I trade manually, but that doesn’t stop it from being used. GPT summarizes this through tools that allow conducting market research operations on various assets and analyzing their results with unprecedented types of accuracy, speed, and smoothness.

Hi @KhadijehSobhyAtall, could you please elaborate on how would you like to use GPT/AI for trading better?
What would you need AI to do for you to improve your trading experience?

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I am trading the volume I will ask him about the volume of trading on a currency and how many traders for this currency in terms of buying or selling

Hi @KhadijehSobhyAtall Thank you for responding.

The information on “volume of trading on a currency and how many traders for this currency in terms of buying or selling” is available on many financial websites.

How would you use GPT/AI in a manner that will provide you additional assistance in trading?
Or what would be the top 10 questions that you would want GPT to answer to help you trade better?


GPT/Al will focus my efforts on technical analysis and chart analysis
GPT/Al will be used to analyze the economy of the two countries that own the currency pair that I want to trade on.
The importance of market research in ensuring increased profits from trading is no secret, but it is a long process that requires great effort and more time.

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Thank you for elaborating.
What would be the top 5 ot 10 questions that you would want to ask GPT related to market analysis?

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1- What is the psychology of traders?
2- His expectation of the outcome of news that will be issued soon
3- Expectations of central banks to raise interest rates
4- The volume of trading in a transaction
5- The most powerful countries economically

Thanks for sharing the questions.
@KhadijehSobhyAtall could you please share more insights on what are the issues you face at this stage while conducting market analysis and research?

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No problem, but I mean that it speeds up the research process in market research