Using GPT to translate news and reports

I speak Arabic so i Using GPT to translate news and reports from different languages, which can help commerce access information that we would not understand without translation.

Hi @AliAbdulAziz , thanks for sharing.
Could you please elaborate on how AI can help you trade better and confidently?
Kindly please elaborate if you will only want translations for news or would you want to use it for other purposes, if yes what would they be?

Also, please help us understand the top 5 - 10 questions you would want AI to answer for you to trade with confidence.

Sir, I mean that I will use this to translate what is difficult for me to understand, whether reports or analyzes of a country’s economy.
Possible questions such as:
1- Which economy of the two countries is stronger?
1- What is the psychology of traders?
2- His expectation of the outcome of the news that will be released soon
3- Central banks’ expectations of raising interest rates
4- The trading volume in the deal
5- The strongest countries economically.

Hi @AliAbdulAziz hank you for sharing your ideas and questions.
There is so many translation tools out there already.
How can AI help you to understand information better and help you trade with confidence?
Anything else you would like to use AI/GPT for?

Artificial intelligence brings me a lot of information in a short time, and therefore decision-making is based on more information than other means. What makes me trade with confidence is that the information provided by artificial intelligence is more credible because it comes from multiple sources …
It can also be used to analyze market data, provide trading recommendations or develop automated trading systems capable of responding to market conditions in real time. In addition to getting help with various tasks related to trading such as natural language processing (NLP), sentiment analysis and data analysis.