GPT can be trained on financial news reports

GPT can be trained on financial news reports, economic reports, key production information, and see events that could be involved in the market. It is something that guides traders and keeps them up to date in financial knowledge.

Hi @AhmedAbdelsalam , thanks for sharing.
Could you please elaborate on what would you want AI to provide you with its training on financial news reports, economic reports, and key production information?

Also, please help us understand the top 5 - 10 questions you would want AI to answer for you to trade with confidence.

I mean training on how to deal with and understand reports received about the economy of a country.

What are interest status reports?
What is the extent of unemployment?
What is the size of the country’s public debt?
What is the inflation rate in the country?
Can interest rates be raised soon?
Knowing and reading these reports carefully means understanding what could happen.

Hi @AhmedAbdelsalam thank you for sharing your ideas and questions.
There is so much financial information out there already that traders use for day-to-day trading. How can AI help you use that information better and help you trade with confidence?

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What makes GPT good is that it summarizes those reports and information, thus reducing time in exchange for more information and greater accuracy.

Reducing the incidence of human errors
Human error in asset management is a possibility, and all financial institutions face it. In a study of more than 130 customer accounts, the IBM Cyber Security Intelligence Index reported that:

Human error was a major contributing cause in 95% of all breaches.