Limit Risk And Maximize Profit

GPT AI is best tool for GTPO AND GSTLO because by this feature we limit our risk before any fundamental event and we can do our safe trade. My idea is simple that i hope garrantted TP SL will not slip from there order price and gives best trading environment to us.

Hi @Sabaalyas4 If your AI assistant shows you the market sentiment on a symbol as shown below, what questions would you ask your AI Assistant so that you decide if you want to trade AUDJPY or not?


Also, what would be the top 5 things you will ask your AI Assistant to help you trade with confidence?

Note - This is just for research purposes.

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Its best amazing feature with AI Assistant with accurracy. I will definetly trade by AI assistant but I will not trade on Audjpy its not my favourite pair I will trade gbpjpy with help of AI assistant. Its cool and best feature.
!) How chat I use GPT in my trading?
!!) Is GPT provide more accurrate analysis in manual and Robot trading?
!!!) AI Assistant can tell future possibilities of trade?
!!!) AI Assistant can trade auto?
5) AI Assistant can work all pairs ?

Hi @Sabaalyas4, could you please share a valid Idea on how you would want to use AI/ GPT to help you trade with confidence?

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I like to trade manual with the help of AI and GPT. Its best feature to find great opperunities in Trading.

I will use AI GPT in my manual trading for long term trades. Even I can use this feature for scalping. Its best for determine trend of market. It provides clear direction of market.

Hi @Sabaalyas4 could you please elaborate on what do you want AI to do for you when you are manually trading for long term trades or scalping?